"Do you have a good idea for the promotion of cycling at schools? Join the Shimano Cycling Concept Award 2007 and win 12.500 Euros to realize your project," said Harald Troost of Shimano Europe.

Schools invited to enter Shimano award scheme

Troost, Shimano’s PR officer and chief judge for the award, said the company is seeking proposals that will increase bicycle usage at schools or at just one school. The contest is open to schools across Europe but the ages are 5 to 16 so colleges and universities are not eligible.

The idea needs to be described in English and can also be supplemented with drawings and photographs.

"The best entries from previous years have been those that set out action plans with a clear time line, show how and when the money will be spent, list the total budget and include a summary of no more than 500 words," said Troost.

The winning project will be decided by a jury that consists of three chief editors of cycling trade publications: Jack Oortwijn (Bike Europe), Carlton Reid (Bike Biz) and Michael Bollschweiler (Radmarkt), as well as Troost. The decision will be published in February 2007.

The Shimano Cycling Concept Award is an annual contest to promote cycling in Europe, now in its seventh year.

"This year’s contest is aiming at stimulating bike usage at schools, especially in the important age group of 5-16 years old. It is of utmost importance to teach this generation that cycling can be a useful, environmental friendly and healthy alternative to other modes of transportation," said Troost.

Entries should arrive by December 31st, 2006 at:

Shimano Europe B.V.
Harald Troost
Industrieweg 24
8071 CT Nunspeet
The Netherlands

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