Santafixie Raval now available in new Black Sunset finish

Santafixie has presented a new finish for the Santafixie Raval.

The new design of the Black Sunset connects with the Yellow Sunset finish, said the manufacturer, which it introduced last summer and also features a matte gradient between yellow and orange.

“On a matte black base paint, the new design stands out by showing off the matte red and yellow colours on the fork and chainstays,” said a statement. “The silkscreen on the headset and tubes in bright red shine brilliantly.”

Fixie/single-speed bikes with flip-flop hubs can be ridden with or without brakes, said the brand. There are two ways to brake without using actual brakes – the first is by progressively retaining the force on the pedals which will slow the bike down to a stop. The second is by skidding. For both braking techniques, Santafixie said it’s important to use straps or clipless pedals which will lock your feet to the pedals.

In addition to the new design, the Barcelona brand has presented a new extra-long flat handlebar, measuring 74cm. This bar is optional for both the Black Sunset and the rest of the finishes. It is also possible to customise the Santafixie Raval by selecting 30 or 60mm wheels.

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