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Santa Cruz Bicycles to give away $1 million to increase trail access

Santa Cruz Bicycles is giving away $1 million to projects that increase access to trails.

“This is our commitment to increasing access to quality trails,” said a statement. “We’re pledging to give $1 million over the next three years to trail development projects, local and national advocacy organisations, events, and programmes geared toward creating and strengthening access to trails.

“Santa Cruz wants to support activities that benefit riders and their local communities. And, we want to inspire others to do the same.

“PayDirt is about supporting grassroots organisations to do the silent work of advocacy to build or maintain the trails we all enjoy. Any group who has an idea or running project that increases access or improves the experience of mountain biking can apply to the PayDirt fund.”

The application process for local organisations and projects to apply for funding opened on 19th November.

More information about PayDirt and information on how to apply can be found here.

Santa Cruz will consider any project that increases access for mountain bikes, whether that’s building trails, supporting local trail and MTB organisations with their advocacy efforts, trail builders or providing opportunities to get more riders on bikes more often.

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