Brand follows up new Eagle MTB e-bikes with sales initiative

Sales made via FreeGo’s site will be pushed to retailers

FreeGo has unveiled a new sales initiative designed to direct online business to its local dealers.

Customers can now buy direct from the FreeGo website shop – – and collect the bike at their local dealer, where the bike gets its final inspection and delivery to the customer.

FreeGo confirmed that the scheme does not cut dealer margin.

“It’s a genuine move on our part to underpin the relationship that we have with dealers to provide the greatest amount of help and assistance whilst also providing unrivalled support for the end customer,” the firm told BikeBiz, adding that it is happy with its growth over the past year.

“FreeGo’s new website shop is indicative of how the business runs and the ethic that is behind it, with aggressive measures to secure sales through e-commerce and local dealers.”

FreeGo has recently launched a new range of mountain bikes in its Eagle range (pictured below), featuring either a 10ah or 17.5ah battery, Shimano gearing, throttle control and front and rear disc brakes.

Meanwhile last year’s Regency model, which was initially stocked as a trial, has proved so popular that more stock was ordered in to cope with a growing waiting list, according to FreeGo. The Regency is described as ‘a nostalgia trip’ in heritage green, featuring a basket and a skirt guard.

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