Hedkayse: Putting safety first

Hedkayse draws on its protective expertise to encourage cyclists of all disciplines to prioritise their own wellbeing

The 2017 Cycling and Walking Investment Strategy (CWIS) has been channelling a large amount of Government investment into improving cycling and walking over the five-year period between 2016 and 2021. So far, a key part of this has been to improve the country’s cycling infrastructure and road safety. To date, this has been far from easy, as evidenced by the current number of people killed or seriously injured whilst cycling. ​In a single week this July, eight cyclists were killed by motor traffic in London alone. 

Current British culture necessitates the cyclist be very safety vigilant. With support for vulnerable road users still much more limited than required, a great deal of media coverage for cyclist-driver collisions takes a victim-blaming stance, instead of framing the incident as a lesson in the fatal risks of dangerous driving. Until the situation improves, cyclists are shrewd to protect themselves while riding in traffic, and helmet-wearing remains the most sensible way to do so.

This is, unfortunately, in direct opposition with the freedom that cycling purports to offer the consumer, and certainly, legally-required helmet-wearing is seen as a contradiction by many in the cycling community. However, the reality of road use in present-day UK is far from exemplary.

Worse still, of the cyclists who do choose to forgo their freedom in lieu of safety, many don’t realise how careful they have to be to ensure they get the most from their protective equipment. The needs of the average cyclist – the commuter – are not in line with the average helmet. Their gear lives in a hostile environment – helmets are thrown onto desks, squashed into bags, and knocked on doors. But the longevity of the commuter helmet is paramount, not least due to the false sense of security a damaged helmet can offer. 

We can expect a certain degree of familiarity with best practice in safety from prosumer cyclists, but convenience cyclists are much less likely to be aware of the danger that a dropped helmet can present. Most consumers don’t realise that a helmet which looks like it’s just come out of the box could have gone through hell, with its ability to protect seriously compromised.

These are the cyclists for whom our team is catering. Direct commuter experience and an understanding of cyclists on UK roads’ anxiety gave rise to a helmet that offers newfound confidence in cycling safety. Our founders recognised the dangers of inner-city cycling, most notably London, where the sharing of road space in some quarters is like warfare, and rose to meet that challenge with the Hedkayse ONE, the safest and strongest cycling helmet on the market. 

Hedkasye ONE was designed for the commuter. With its multi-impact, multi-fit, and foldable design, it offers something that no other cycle helmet is currently able to do. It’s the only helmet on the market truly able to absorb multiple impacts – from day-to-day wear-and-tear to serious collisions – without its safety being compromised. 

The unique Enkayse liner enables the commuter to interact with the environment, without fear of damage to its core protective. Visually, this helmet conveys a very different aesthetic from any conventional hard-top helmet, with a more utilitarian, gear-like look. 

With a ballistic nylon outer skin, it conveys a message of durability and toughness purpose-built for the commuting environment. Folding down to half its full size, it’s ideal for quick storage and transportation. The X-Strap retention system is designed to be fully customisable and has the ability to fit multiple head sizes comfortably and securely, whilst the patented Quick-Release Adjustable Ratchet Chin-Strap (QARC) allows quick and easy removal like no other conventional helmet.

Having invested in a product that challenges the status quo, we are fully committed to the safety of our consumers. With Hedkayse ONE, your customers are buying into the trust that no matter how badly they treat their helmet, its functionality will remain. When it comes to safety products, you have a choice. If it were a car it would be a Volvo, if it were a children’s car seat, it would be a Britax. We have spent four years of research and testing to become the safety brand of choice. If safety is the priority of your commuter consumer-base, then Hedkayse is the best safety choice they can make.

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