Saddleback teams up with Stages Cycling to offer factory fit programme to UK and Ireland customers

Saddleback is teaming up with Stages Cycling to offer its factory fit programme to customers in the UK and Ireland.

All factory installs are assembled at Stages Cycling’s own Boulder, Colorado facility. As with any new power crank, each power meter will be individually calibrated and tracked to ensure that it will offer consistent, reliable power data for years to come. Stages Power units will also be backed by a Stages Factory Warranty.

For £299, the Gen 3 Stages power meter will be added to the crank you’re currently riding.

Follow the steps below to get involved:
1. Contact the Saddleback Customer Service team at or on 01454 285285
2. Confirm your crank, the model and send images of the crank to the Saddleback customer service team. Once this information has been received, you’ll be supplied a returns number
3. Send your crank to Saddleback, along with the returns number, at the address supplied by the Customer Service team by the 25th of that month at the latest
4. Please note, a shipment will be sent out from Saddleback to Stages Cycling on the 28th of every month. Your crank must be with Saddleback by the 25th for processing to guarantee being included on the shipment leaving on the 28th
5. Saddleback will aim to return your crank to you within 4-6 weeks, starting from the 28th of the month in which it was received

Below is the launch list of cranks eligible for the Factory Power Install. Saddleback said it will aim to increase the list of models in the coming months to include right-hand and right-left power cranks.

– Dura Ace R9200 in L only
– Dura Ace R9100 in L only
– Ultegra R8100 in L only
– Ultegra R8000 in L only
– 105 R7000 in L only
– GRX in L only
– XTR M9100/M9120 in L
– XT M8100 in L only
– XT M8000 in L only

– Si HG In L only

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Campagnolo and AXS are currently unavailable, but the list of upgradeable products will increase. The first shipment to Stages from Saddleback will be on 28th February, so you will need to get your crank and returns number to the company by 25th February.

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