Large order for electric bikes 'from Bakery firm' turns out to be fraudulent

Rutland Cycling warns of cycle shop scam

Rutland Cycling has issued a warning to the cycling trade to be on the lookout for a suspected fraudster operating around the midlands.

Adam Hirst, Rutland’s marketing manager told BikeBiz: "Today I have been in discussion via email with a chap regarding the purchase of ten electric bikes at £1800.00 each (suspect in itself). Upon further email probing, I mentioned we would need payment via bank transfer feeling this would sort the fraud from the truth. They have then emailed me back requesting the bank details to sort the transfer.

"At this stage I have then googled the company number in the footer and noticed that there’s a small spelling error in the company name on the chap’s email footer (plus the email address not correct). I have then contacted the Bakery Bits company to check to see if the chap (Fortunato Moreno) works there (who turns out to be called a type of flour), upon speaking to their customer service team they have had a number of bike shops ring up regarding purchases of expensive bikes in the past two days.

Bike shops are urged to look out for orders from a ‘Fortunato Moreno’, or orders from Bakery Bits in Devon, who have confirmed to Rutland that no order has been placed.

Look out for a profile on the Rutland Cycling business on page 26 and 27 of the December print edition.

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