ROUVY releases augmented city tours around European capitals

ROUVY has published a new route update, enabling athletes and cycling enthusiasts to ride or race in locations including London, Prague, Berlin and Vienna.

The release comes with the extension of the platform catalogue and localisation package, making the app and web now available in English, French, Czech, German, Italian and Spanish.

“The team at ROUVY is happy to present new, exciting ride content – athletes can now select the place they want to explore from the new route folders and enjoy riding in ‘Cities’,” said a statement. “They can get the best out of travelling around the world online by checking out the ‘Explore The World’ and ‘Continents’ folders.

“The new folders in the catalogue structure save time and help to get easily and quickly to the desired destination in a glimpse. Aside from the European capitals, there are multiple beautiful downtowns of Sydney, Dresden, Rotterdam, Florianópolis, Yokohama and many more.

“The newly released ‘panorama view’ feature is enabled by default – 360° panoramic views show up automatically during the ride at the available spots. Start your adventure and enjoy the augmented rides and races in amazing locations!”

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