ROUVY combines Workouts with augmented route videos

ROUVY has released the ‘ONE ROUVY’ update with a new feature – from now on, any structured workout on ROUVY, or the ones created on TrainingPeaks, can be used with any augmented bike course of choice.

The new feature enables users to do interval training in an interactive way, making individual workouts more fun, or setting them up for virtual recon rides for an upcoming race event.

ROUVY’s workout catalogue has an extensive folder with numerous structured workouts, which has always contained ERG training options.

ROUVY’s release 2.0 presents:

– The functionality of the initial app ‘ROUVY Workouts’, is now merged into ‘ROUVY AR’ – the workout features are now accessible via the present ROUVY AR apps: Windows, MacOS, Android and iOS devices (Apple TV is coming soon)
– Augmented Workouts – any cycling workout can now be replayed over an augmented, real video of choice with a new UI
– The Workout Catalogue has received a structural update with revised category folders that enable quicker access
– A five-week programme for beginners, created by a ROUVY ambassador and coach Rick Schultz from Bike Fitness Coaching
– Naming update: ROUVY AR -> transcends back to -> ROUVY

While performing ERG workouts, athletes are able to see the performance of their avatars over the specific course simulation, turning a prescribed training routine into a real-time, cycling adventure. Detailed instructions on how to use the new features are provided here.

Divided into two apps after the release of ‘ROUVY AR’ in 2018, this app update now completes the evolution of merging and unifying ROUVY Workouts into ROUVY AR as a single ‘ROUVY’ app. The ROUVY Workouts app is getting set into a deprecation mode, and the functioning of these apps will be eventually discontinued. A fraction of riders whose legacy trainers or sensors may not be compatible with ‘ROUVY’ will be provided with a discount from ROUVY partners and encouraged to acquire more modern equipment.

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