BikeBiz rubs shoulders with the leaders in web retailing at eretailing2000.

Rosy future for some IBDs…if they change their businesses!

Im still at the eretailing2000 show in London the first such conference in Europe. The beauty of this gathering for me is that it has enabled me it talk first hand to the movers and shakers of the fast-growing world of etailing.

The main lessons from this two-day conference will filter through future editions of this website and the print mag, but for release later tonight will be one interview which has direct relevance to the bicycle trade and thats with the CEO of This is the auction site which we ran stories about in the January BikeBiz because Raleigh was selling bikes via the site before Christmas.

During the lunch break I conducted a 25 minute interview with Jim Rose, CEO of The full text of this interview its required reading for every IBD! will be up on later this evening. Cant spill the beans right now, Ive got to go back into the conference.

Please come back late tonight for an explosive interview! (Sorry, tape not clear enough to transcribe on the hoof, the report will now be online by Thurs lunchtime).

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