160 cyclists were killed while riding last year, 30 percent were children under the age of 16. This can be prevented, says Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents

RoSPA wants more cycle training for children

Standardised training schemes to help reduce the number of cyclist deaths on the roads were outlined yesterday by RoSPA.

The Guidelines for the Management and Operation of Practical Cyclist Training Schemes are designed to establish a framework for local authorities and other organisation which provide cycle training.

"Currently, the number of cyclists being killed and injured on Britain’s roads is far too high," said RoSPA road safety project manager Kevin Clinton.

"The aim of this new guidance is to help promote safe cycling by improving cyclists’ skills, knowledge, attitudes, behaviour and hazard awareness."

The working group included representatives from the police, local authorities and the Department of Transport.

The Guidelines contain scant mention of training schemes for motorists so they (a) take more heed of cyclists and (b) curb speed in urban areas.

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