Fourth round of Winter league sees new digital timer introduction

Rollapaluza show off new digital timing system

After months of secrecy the new Rollapaluza digital timing system was launched at the fourth round of the Rollapaluza Winter League last Wednesday.

Rollapaluza has fitted the system to their ‘championship’ rig, which is the one taken to all major events and competitions so as to maintain validity of record rides. Rollapaluza now believe it’s the only traditional roller-race rig in the world with accurate digital timing.

"There were many variables and options to consider but we really wanted to keep the relationship between the starter and the rider which is so important to the Rollapaluza atmosphere," said Rollapaluza’s Caspar Hughes. "To this end the system has been designed so the starter / MC still gets to start the race and can still call false starts, but now the times taken at the end of the race are more accurate than any stopwatch could be. A coloured flashing beacon signals the winning rider and yes, the beacons are colour-coded to the rigs and the new stable of Rollapaluza-specific bikes supplied by Condor cycles that were also making their competition debut."

"It’s really added to the event," continued Paul. "Spectators can now clearly see if someone is on for a good time and another bonus is that the digital clocks can be seen from 50 metres away, meaning the huge crowds we attract at events such as the Salford Nocturne, when Chris Hoy competed on our rigs, will be able to see all the action."

Rollapaluza will be using the digital timing system for all their championship and major events and the system will also be available as an optional extra to those who hire Rollapaluza for other events.


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