More riders can race and power now measured

Rollapaluza ‘Four Up’ rigs now for hire

Rollapaluza has introduced two new features to its roller racing portfolio – a series of four digitally timed rigs, as well as the ability to now measure a rider’s power output.

The Rollapaluza ‘two up’ rigs have included digital timing for some time now, however testing and calibration of digital timing for their ‘four-up’ rig has now finished and the complete setup, with colour matched custom Condor bikes, had it’s first run out at the Hornsby school last week.

206 kids took part in the event in four one hour sessions, which confirms that maximum participation rises from around 30 riders per hour (on the two up rig) to 50 an hour. The digital timing accurately records riders times down to 1/100th of a second and the large LED displays can be easily viewed from 50m away dramatically increasing the potential sizes of audiences.

Also just out of testing is Rollapaluza’s ability to record power output from competitors. In partnership with Cycleops, wheels used on the Rollapaluza Condor roller-race bikes have been fitted with Powertap hubs, which can give real-time performance measurements and are accurate to within +/- 1.5 per cent.

"We’re really pleased to have this new feature" explains Rollapaluza’s Paul Churchill "it means that we can add an extra "peak power" competition within the existing format of our roller race events, but possibly more importantly we’ll be able to work more on health and fitness in our schools and community work and provide our clients with highly accurate data."

Powertap products are distributed in the UK by Paligap.

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