Certain RockShox Domain 302 and 318 models deemed to have faulty steerer tubes

RockShox recall Domain models

SRAM has issued a recall of certain RockShox Domain 302 and 318 fork models produced with a steel steerer tube. The manufacturer has determined there is a potential for the steerer tube to fail.

SRAM is retrieving these RockShox Domain forks from the marketplace. Consumers with these forks should stop using them immediately and return the fork to dealers for
verification of steerer material and serial number. Forks with steel steerers within the concerned date range should be replaced with a similar model fork by dealers who will be refunded.

SRAM Dealer Action
SRAM Dealers should contact their regional distributor or SRAM DSD (Germany, Austria and Switzerland only) to obtain a return number for a replacement fork.
Distributor info can be found at www.sram.com/en/locator/distributors.php

The steerer tube material is visible under the center of the crown. A magnet placed on the inside of the steerer tube can be used to identify the material of the tube. Forks produced with aluminum steerer tubes are not affected by this recall.

Domain Production Codes
09T8XXXXXXX to 42T8XXXXXXX. The production code is located on the fork crown.

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