New Huizhoy-based facility for rim manufacturers

Rigida/Weinmann creating new China plant

Rim specialists Rigida/Weinmann are set to open a new production facility in the Hulzhoy region of China.

According to this report on BikeEurope, the company has bought and additional 32,000 m² plot from Rigida Group subsidiary Weinmann, on which the new plant will sit. Over 4,500 m² of the land is set aside for the main factory, while 800 m² will be offices, dormitory and other facilities.

The new premises will be capable of turning over four million rims per year.

“One of the main reasons to invest in this new factory is that our current facility is too small. Our customers urged us to make this step because of a lack of production capacity in our current facility. Next to a higher output, the new factory will bring a big improvement in logistics. Also we want to start our new wheelbuilding activities there,” said Rigida Group CEO Jan-Willem Ten Dam.

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