In the beginning there was Genesis. And Toby saw that it was good, and it was good. Then Toby took some drop handlebars and breathed life into a Genesis non-flatbar road bike range.

Ridgeback’s city slickers are dropped

The first Genesis flat-bar road bikes were released in 2001.

"In a post MTB-boom cycling world that had yet to see the surge in popularity of road bikes, Ridgeback Genesis road bikes redefined the sport, fast commuting genre and created what is now a well-copied format," said brand manager Toby Howes.

Howes has now extended the line with the addition of drop handlebars to make a range of pukka Genesis road bikes.

"These Genesis Sport bikes have all the quality and attention to detail that made the flat bar versions so successful and like all Ridgeback’s they’re designed specifically for the UK market," said Toby.

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