Ride Air now available from Cooke Components

Ride Air has announced that distributor Cooke Components will now offer the tyre inflation brand to the trade.

Products will be available to purchase from Cooke Components from mid-February; pre-orders are being taken now.

The brand’s portable, refillable and multi-use capsules fit neatly into a standard bottle cage and can inflate a tyre at the push of a button.

The Ride Air capsules are manufactured from aluminium and come in a range of colours. A 500g unit will inflate up to 230psi and comes equipped with its own pressure gauge and Presta/Schrader adaptor.

The standard Ride Air is priced at £59.99 RRP, however another version is available with a one-metre cable preinstalled; this model retails at £69.99 RRP.

Cooke Components’ Matt Cooke explains: “Commuters who want a quick repair on the way to work, mountain bikers who want a top up of air or road cyclists and sportive riders who want to minimise the time spent stood on the side of the road fixing a puncture, Ride Air appeals to them all”

“One of the many advantages to the use of a Ride Air unit is that it also helps make tubeless tyre seating much easier for those without a compressor or for tubeless top ups and repairs on the go. One press of a button delivers a concentrated burst of air”

Retailers will be able to view Ride Air products at the upcoming Bike Place Show, which takes place at the Silverstone Circuit from January 29th – 31st.

More details can be found at the Cooke Components website here

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