Levy-funded website BikeHub.co.uk is urging readers to beat the most depressing day of the year with a bicycle ride.

Ride a bike to beat the blues

Monday 24th January has been labelled ‘Blue Monday’ because of post-Christmas debts, settling back to work after the festive break, bad weather, broken New Year’s resolutions, and rising fuel costs.

That last one can be blown out of the water by cycling instead of driving, asserts BikeHub.co.uk. The site stresses that ‘Blue Monday’ might be "unscientific tosh" but is "a useful hook to get people thinking about changing their lives for the better."

‘Blue Monday’ was devised in 2006 as PR tool to help sell feel-better products and overseas travel. A supposedly mathematical formula to arrive at the unhappiest day of the year was created by motivation maven Dr Cliff Arnall, formerly a post graduate tutor at the Medical and Dental School of Cardiff University. 

Apparently, the best way to get over the January blues is to have some fun, start a new hobby or do something you have been putting off for some time. Cycling fits the bill, and is a practical pleasure that can last a lifetime, says BikeHub.co.uk, a website funded by the UK bicycle levy.

According to beatbluemonday.org.uk, a website created to promote the Mental Health Foundation, there are a number of things to help you beat the blues and BikeHub.co.uk has illustrated how cycling slots in. The website points readers to beginner-style articles on how and why to take up cycling and also shows how newbie cyclists with smartphones can get beginner-friendly cycle journey planners for iPhones and Android handsets.

Under the heading of ‘Pamper yourself’, BikeHub suggests "Or how about pampering your bicycle instead? Splash out for a spa treatment for your loved one: your local bike shop will have a wide range of rejuvenation options, from loving application of lube to the full works, an all-over spritz to make your bicycle sparkle and purr."

Under the beatbluemonday.org.uk heading of ‘Share your thoughts’, BikeHub.co.uk promotes its new community feature: "A problem shared is a problem halved. Want to start cycling but not sure what bike to get or who to ride with? Ask questions on the new BikeHub forum. It’s beginner-friendly."

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