“Revolutionary” new Portsmouth transport plan to include bike hangars

Portsmouth City Council has launched a 16-year transport plan, reports local Portsmouth newspaper The News.

It sets out ways to create a more “people-centred travel network”, starting this year and running up to 2036, and replaces a 2011 strategy.

Encouraging cycling in the city is key to the scheme’s first stage, set to be completed within two years, along with an e-scooter trial. Portsmouth Cycle Forum chairman Ian Saunders welcomed the focus on cycling, including bike hangars, reports The News.

“We have been pushing for the bike hangars for a while,” he said. “In flat-fronted terraces, unless you are going to bring your bike through the house, you have nowhere to store them.

“Anything that gets more people on bikes in the city is a good thing but the infrastructure needs to be in place. There are still too many people who feel unsafe cycling in Portsmouth and until that element is addressed people are being put in danger.”

The draft transport strategy will be up for approval at a cabinet meeting on 10th March.

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