The BCF has an excellent hands-on stand at the show, a head to head 200m sprint on indoor bike trainers and Trek bikes (but don't go for the left hand bike, the rollers are sticking!)

REVISED: Wow! Road bikes at Bike 2000!

With Hugh Porter (four times world champion, 5000m pursuit) commentating and Jeff Cook (current world masters track champion) helping out, the BCF stand is a good interactive draw for would-be roadies and trackies.

Hugh Porter is now doing PR and marketing work for the BCF and he’s here at Bike 2000 enthusing couples in the crowd to take part in a brief sprint. Sons and fathers, brothers and sisters, are giving it a go. However, pictured here is Jeff Cook and Denise Hampson.

Denise has qualified for the BCF’s world class performance programme and is the fastest woman over 200m this year. She did 11.9 seconds on the Manchester velodrome yesterday.

Hugh Porter is in the middle of the two.

Cook won.

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