How's this for remote control? Hartley Dawson's owner is emigrating to Canada but will continue to oversee his Yorkshire wholesaling business by email and fax

REVISED: Hartley Dawson: the great Canadian wholesaler!

Hartley Dawson – "the great Yorkshire wholesaler" will be run from Canada from early next year after owner Richard Adamson jets out to start a new life in Canada.

More localised changes to the company have also been announced. As from 31st December Bernard Murphy will no longer be the J Hartley Dawson sales agent for the Devon/Cornwall/Somerset area. "Mr. Murphy has decided the time has come to cut back his workload," says Chris Giles of Hartley Dawson.

Existing agents Terry Harris and Roy Bailey will jointly absorb Murphy’s IBD customers

"Once Mr Harris and Mr Bailey have established their new routines they will be able to call upon all shops more regularly than Mr Murphy did, and thus better enhance our level of service," says Chris Giles.

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