Mike Burrows has just broken his right arm falling off one, but riders who manage to stay attached to their no-res-sys Giants love em. The editor of Mountain Biking in the States told Giant: "You should all be very proud of this bike. Its the best dual suspension bike on the trail.

REVISED: Giant XTC NRS wins US plaudit

The Giant XTC NRS 1 won Mountain Biking magazine’s 2001 overall Bike of the Year award, the third year in a row that the Giant XTC series has received a Bike of the Year designation. Giant’s NRS 1 was Mountain Biking’s pick in the Over $1500 category in 2000, and the SE 1 was the overall winner in 1999.

The March issue of Mountain Biking is effusive in its praise:

The Giant NRS 1 is the best pedalling, most efficient cross-country dual

suspension bike ever built.

This bike simply cant be beat.

No doubt those quotes will be seen on Giants NRS promotions from now on.

Grant Allen, MD of Giant UK, was chuffed about the award:

"The No Resonance System technology has been in the UK for 2 years and it’s been very successful both in terms of competition results and in sales. We’ve also received very positive feedback from UK magazines and dealers. NRS has positioned Giant in the UK market as the leader in Cross Country Technology and has considerably increased sales in the £1000+ market.

We currently have demo models in over 150 stores supporting our philosophy of don’t push the saddle, ride the bike and will be promoting this award through our dealers with in-store posters."

The Giant NRS (No Resonance System) suspension design was developed in conjunction with Pascal Tribotte, a designer of Formula One racing cars for Renault. The design which licenses suspension patents from Specialized, and using a similar Horst Leitner link was also a favourite of GT effectively eliminates bobbing.


In 2000 Giant of Taiwan produced more than 4 million bikes, their biggest annual total to date, 30 percent more than in 1999. Giant has a factory and HQ in Taiwan, two factories in China and an assembly plant in the Netherlands.

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