G4S Secure Solutions research says one in seven may shoplift over xmas period

Retailers urged to be vigilant over theft this Christmas

Research by G4S Secure Solutions has found that one in seven, or around 14 per cent, of shoppers would consider shoplifting this Christmas.

1.1 million people, over 50 per cent higher a figure than in the same 2009 survey, would consider stealing a Christmas present for a firend or family member, the research group believes.

G4S alos found that one in ten people aged 18 to 24 also confessed to shoplifting in the past year.

Adrian Beck, head of the department of criminology at Leicester University, commented, "This survey highlights the important part opportunity plays in retail crime. Evidence from a wide range of criminological studies shows how people will think about breaking the law if they view the risks of getting caught to be low and the opportunity to offend is readily apparent. This is especially the case in the retail environment where there is constant tension between creating a tempting and readily accessible shopping space while at the same time ensuring that it is properly protected."

The Retail Bulletin has the more on the subject, here.

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