Restrap adds Tyre Boot Kit to accessory lineup

Restrap has added the Tyre Boot Kit to its accessory lineup.

“The product came to fruition during our product designer Danny’s participation in the Pan Celtic Ultra Endurance race,” said a statement. “Familiar with all the materials and textiles we use, Danny had elected to pack a few offcuts of Hypalon on the off chance they would come in handy.

“Upon finding a fellow racer stricken on the side of the road with two large gashes in the sidewall of his tyre, Danny offered up his Hypalon cuts to patch the holes. There and then, the Tyre Boot Kit was born.”

The kit features eight varied cuts of thin, durable and tear-resistant Hypalon, specifically designed for covering sidewall and tread tears on any tubed tyre.

A tube of glue is included to help mend tears and it also has a double-sided velcro retention strap.

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