RedBull SPECT enters cycling market

RedBull SPECT has launched the new Flow and Pace cycling/endurance sport-specific sunglasses range today.

RedBull SPECT is a long-standing collaboration between Austrian eyewear brand SPECT, part of the privately-owned Michael Pachleitner group, and the RedBull brand. RedBull SPECT has been available in the UK for just over two years and boasts a wide range of eyewear.

The new Flow and Pace models have been in development for a number of years and feature patented technology, unique branding and competitive pricing.


Maximum comfort
“The result is the completely new Flow system. By detaching the lens from the frame, the effect of a free-floating lens is created. The flexible properties of the frame allow the lens to bounce up and down freely when subjected to shocks. The technology thus takes weight off the wearer’s nose for ultimate comfort.”

Versatile adjustment
“To ensure an even more comfortable fit, the frame is highly customizable. The nose pads can easily be moved into the desired position, so the frame will leave no traces on the nose even after hours of hard workout. To secure a firm grip and to avoid interference with the helmet, it is essential to have your temple tips perfectly positioned. The rubberised temple tips feature a formable wire-core that can be quickly adjusted to all your comfort needs.”

“A perfect vision is key to great achievements. V°MAX optimises airflow and reduces fogging. The air intake slots allow for air passage behind the shield in order to prevent fogging. The air outlets on the temples guarantee a constant circulation. The result is a crisp, fog-free vision.”


Faster lens change
“The ventilated lenses are easily interchangeable due to our S°LOCK quick-change system. Adapt to changing weather conditions by swapping the lens in the split of a second. Flow comes with an additional clear-view lens for cloudy days or low light conditions.”

Self-tinting lens
“The optional CHROM°X lens reacts to sunlight and brightens or darkens in a fraction of a second. By using Ion Technology, the lens reacts to the ultraviolet percentage of sunlight and automatically adapts to it. With CHROM°X lenses, you are perfectly equipped for any weather conditions.”

RRP from £135.

For more information and to become a stockist please contact UK sales agent and brand manager Davi Birks.

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