Removable light panel, using organic treated phosphor, scores plaudits from the international competition

Red Dot honours Proviz’s Triviz bike safety panel

Proviz’s innovative Triviz has risen to the top of the pile to receive a Red Dot Product Design Award.

One of a handful of products to receive a Red Dot (out of nearly 5,000 hopefuls) the Triviz is a self-contained, removable electroluminescent lighting panel that attaches exclusively to Proviz products. The brightly blue glowing triangle is created by organic, specially treated phosphor.

Charged by USB, the Triviz triangle is part of the ‘Nightrider’ range. At a lightweight 120g, including the lithium rechargeable battery, the run time is over 12 hours constant, or over 16 hours flashing. Retail price is £29.99.

Provia was set up by brothers Anthony and Rupert Langly-Smith aiming to find a better solution that the traditional high vis with reflective strips.

Rupert Langly-Smith explained: "An old school friend used to use electroluminescent lighting in outdoor advertising and we thought that there had to be a way to use this on clothing for cyclists. It seemed a perfect and obvious solution. It is very durable, won’t break easily and much more effective than traditional LED lighting. We also found that it integrated really well into clothing and accessories.”

Proviz is available to the trade via Moore Large.

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