UK firm sees sales soar 40 per cent in first third of year and heralds the success of the urban cycle and accessories sectors

Rampant Raleigh sees sales rocket

Raleigh has told BikeBiz that it has recorded a 40 per cent rise in sales for the first third of 2009 compared with the same period last year, despite the difficult economic climate.

Another in a line of bike firms bucking the credit crunch Raleigh has seen parts and accessory sales flourish, while demand for mountain bikes has exceeded supply.

Speaking to BikeBiz, Raleigh UK MD Mark Goudthorp said that despite worries of how the economy would impact on business, the firm exceeded expectations: “For the first third of the year we’re approximately 40 per cent up on the same period 12 months ago.

“We believe that, particularly on the bikes side, we’ve got the range right and that the mix has really paid off.”

According to the Raleigh chief, the urban sector has performed particularly well for the firm: “Urban 700cs have been very strong and I think that category is still doing well, which is further evidence that the consumer is getting smarter about making sure they buy the right products.

“The product has got to be absolutely fit for the psyche of a younger marketplace.”

The MTB sector has also been a highlight so far in 2009: “On the off-road bike side we’ve seen particularly strong performance in our standard issue models, where we’ve massively overhauled the look of the bikes – there’s not a lot you can do on the spec of the bike, but the look of the bike has improved hugely.

“Demand has absolutely outstripped supply.”

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