Raleigh redesigns best-selling Motus e-bike range

Raleigh has redesigned its best-selling Motus range – the “electric hybrid bikes for everyday life”.

The new range consists of five different models and is available across ten different colourways. It offers riders of all different ages, abilities and personality types something that feels tailored for them, said Raleigh.

Starting at £2,199, the new Motus comes with a 400WH Bosch Active Line motor, allowing up to 80 miles of assisted riding on a single charge.

There’s also a Purion Display that lets riders switch between four different modes. The unit gives riders eyes on their speed, battery life and remaining range. The Raleigh Motus e-bike also comes kitted out with full mudguards, kickstand, reflective tyres, hydraulic disc brakes and a 7-speed gear system.

For those looking to take their ride to the next level, the Motus Tour and Motus Grand Tour models are available with either derailleur or hub gearing systems and include integrated lights at the front and rear as well as a built-in wheel lock.

The Motus Tour offers a Bosch Intuvia display, while the Motus Grand Tour is the most specced-out e-bike in the range. Offering another 20% of oomph with its 500WH Bosch PowerTube, and a powerful Bosch Active Line Plus Motor, Motus Grand Tour riders have the freedom to “go further and for longer than ever before”, said Raleigh.

New for 2022, all Raleigh Motus Tour and Grand Tour models now come with inbuilt Bosch PowerTube batteries. Weighing only 2.9kgs, the compact power bank can be easily removed for convenient charging at home.

All three models also come in either crossbar or low step designs.

Motus – £2,199
Motus Tour Derailleur – £2,499
Motus Tour Hub – £2,599
Motus Grand Tour Derailleur – £2,699
Motus Grand Tour Hub – £2,799

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British bike manufacturer Raleigh was established back in 1887 in Nottingham. For more information on the brand and its products, visit raleigh.co.uk.

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