Raleigh launches Electric Bike Access cycle to work scheme

Raleigh has launched Electric Bike Access, a cycle to work scheme targeting SMEs and their employees with ‘uncomplicated and affordable’ access its range of e-bikes.

The aim is to provide businesses with a digital cycle to work benefit that elevates the Raleigh, Haibike and Lapierre brands in the UK market, supports the network of retail partners and builds greater awareness of e-bikes.

Working in partnership with small to medium-sized businesses across the UK, Electric Bike Access will expose e-bikes to new customers in new markets and promote electric bikes as an alternative to cars and public transport for the daily commute. Only bikes which Raleigh has in stock will be available to purchase through salary sacrifice and all will be sold at full retail price.

“The electric bike can be a true alternative to cars, particularly for shorter journeys,” said Pippa Wibberley, marketing director at Raleigh UK. “Combine the savings on fuel and parking with the enormous benefits to health and wellbeing as well as the positive environmental impact, the bicycle could revolutionise the way we travel and dramatically reduce congestion in our towns and cities.”

“Our focus with Electric Bike Access is to drive click and collect sales via our retail partners,” said a Raleigh statement. “Any retail partner with a signed SDA and the facility to take click and collect orders from us will be included on the scheme website. The retailer will benefit from a commission for both click and collect orders into store and home delivery within their catchment area.

“We believe this is a different approach which complements other schemes already on the market and targets very specifically the £1,400 and above electric bike customer. Unlike other schemes, the online process will mean no administration for all involved including the retailer, this will also result in a simple, fast and secure order process for the employee.

“Other benefits to our retail partners include higher than average commissions, driving new customers into stores from new markets, hassle-free process with no administration required and the benefit of not having to purchase stock upfront. We will also provide free point of sale for stores that support cycle to work initiative.”

For any further questions visit the www.ebikeaccess.co.uk or email info@ebikeaccess.co.uk.

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