The new, business-to-business website from Raleigh has availability info and full-on account management functions. The best bit for clued-up, online IBDs? No more waiting in a queue for telesales to take an order...

Raleigh goes B2B

Six months in development, the password-required site was rolled out earlier this week.

Over on the bulletin board, Ninon Asuni of the Bicycle Workshop of Notting Hill praised the site’s speed and ease of use:

"Got my details today so did a first order rather than spend forever waiting for the phone to be answered. Went really smoothly, got my order confirmation, now we shall hope the stock levels are accurate. I was quite impressed, for speed and ease of use even staff who are not computer literate had no problems with it."

Jane Tomkinson, Raleigh’s operations director, was in charge of site implementation. She doesn’t see the B2B site taking the place of reps or telesales:

"While we still want to have a regular dialogue with our dealers, we felt it was important to leverage the capability of our new IT systems and ensure Raleigh is as easy to do business with as possible. A number of dealers have been using the site in a test environment for several months now and have significantly contributed to the development of the site.

"Because of this extensive period of trialling we are confident that dealers will find the site a very useful and reliable tool."

To receive password details, Raleigh dealers email with their account number.

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