Raleigh Bike Parts partners with children’s bike accessory provider WeeRide

Raleigh Bike Parts has announced an exclusive partnership with WeeRide.

WeeRide is a children’s bike accessory provider, known primarily for delivering the original front-mounted child and baby bike seats seats in addition to its tag-alongs.

“The famed WeeRide seat is already the number one selling bike seat in the UK and US for good reason,” said a Raleigh statement. “It is a unique product – a centre mounted bike seat, placed in front of the rider instead of behind, with a patented bar placing weight safely in the centre of the bike instead of the handlebars.

“This positioning delivers an involved experience and great views for the child, whilst allowing easy communication and the ability to deal with their needs on the move, notwithstanding that extra feeling of security having your arms either side of the child.”

Recommended for children from one to four years, the seat has footrests inbuilt and a headrest. WeeRide baby bike seats are made to the highest spec in Europe, said Raleigh, and have a two-year warranty as standard. Functionally, this seat fits any bike – even zero headset models can be attached using the new adaptor – it can be fitted in less than 20 minutes and removed in seconds.

Weeride also has a range of tag-alongs for children aged four to nine. The range includes “all the safety and convenience features you’d expect from other top brands at a fraction of the price”, as well as the Sync Link Pivot. This patented technology ensures the ‘smoothest’ movement and ride for the child, featuring alongside adjustable handlebars, front splash guard, safety flag and a WeeRide seat.

To pre-order WeeRide products, contact your account manager here: https://info.raleighb2b.co.uk/your-account-managers.

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