Raleigh aims to support IBDs by adapting D2C sales

Due to the ongoing impacts of COVID-19, Raleigh is temporarily disabling the option for click & collect sales placed through their website. Instead, the distributor is offering increased commissions for their partner stores on home delivery orders in a bid to support IBD stores.

Raleigh’s head of digital Chris Palmer said: “It is with a heavy heart that we have made the decision to temporarily suspend the option for click & collect sales through the Raleigh website. We have held off on making this decision for as long as possible, as we know how important this revenue stream is to our partner stores. However, with many stores now closed it has become impossible to maintain a consistent level of service for our consumers.”

In an effort to combat the loss of click & collect commission, Raleigh has advised that it will instead be increasing the amount of commission on home delivery orders to 20%. This will mean that stores commission will be equal to the amount of commission stores would have received for a click & collect sale whilst Raleigh provides the build service.

“All stores who are currently signed up for Raleigh’s click and collect partner scheme will benefit from these changes with immediate effect and will not be required to take any action,” said the company.

Raleigh will also be funding a promotion for consumers throughout April which will include a free accessory starter pack and free six-month service at their local IBD. The offer will apply to all adult bikes purchased through the Raleigh website between 1st and 30th April and is valid for one service (excluding parts) taking place at the customers’ local store within a six-month period.

Stores will be able to claim a fee from Raleigh for conducting this service in the form of £50 of free P&A product of their choosing through their account manager by showing a copy of the customers proof of purchase dated between 1st and 30th April 2020.

Palmer said: “Our aim in offering this free service to consumers is to drive them into their local IBD store, who will then have the opportunity to discuss long term service plans and any additional accessories that they may require. Our hope is that this will encourage online consumers to visit their local store and result in long term custom for IBD stores.”

Raleigh’s managing director Pippa Wibberley added: “We are absolutely committed to supporting our IBD partner stores through this crisis as we wholeheartedly believe in the value of the Bricks & Mortar high street bike shop.”

“The service that these stores offer is of vital importance for our society and we’re seeing incredible stories of stores keeping NHS staff and other key workers moving through this incredibly difficult time. It is for all of these reasons that we felt it necessary to put in place this commission boost and service promotion; to help our stores weather the storm and make it out the other side intact.”

Stores who have any questions about the temporary changes Raleigh has put in place are advised to view the offer details and terms and conditions in the first instance contact their Raleigh area account manager if they have any further queries. Any stores wishing to join Raleigh’s click and collect partner scheme are advised to contact their Raleigh area account manager or Raleigh’s internal sales team.

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