Raising awareness of mental health during COVID-19

Mental health issues have risen due to COVID-19, with experiences of isolation, anxiety and loss. Negative mental health can sometimes lead its victims to take their own lives. We want to help.

Exercise can help to reduce feelings of stress, depression and anxiety. It releases endorphins and can change our mood and improve our self-esteem. Worries to Wheelies is a campaign that will provide free use of bicycles to those suffering mental health issues in England, to encourage exercise and sport.

Providing the use of free bicycles to those affected by mental health will not only encourage exercise and positive well-being, it will also encourage social integration and provide a feeling of recognition and togetherness within communities. Exercise will also have a positive effect on fitness levels and weight reduction. We will be carrying out multiple fundraising activities, from online challenges to events.

Our first fundraiser is live on Crowdfunder, which launched the first day of Mental Health Awareness Week in the UK. To support us, please visit www.crowdfunder.co.uk/worries-to-wheelies. Funds will mainly support us in being able to repair and service second-hand bicycles donated to us. Depending on the condition of the second-hand bicycles, we will repair and service them to be certified fit-for-use before providing them to people in need.

We have an open-minded fundraising target. However, if we were able to service and repair 150 second-hand bicycles and purchase helmets for them, as an example, this would be around £7,500. The dream would be that we could help hundreds of people, from children to adults across England!

Our progress so far
We have been overwhelmed with the kindness from communities and the support of organisations:
– Luton Police Constabulary has donated 40 bicycles
– Crewe Police Constabulary has donated 20 bicycles
– Individuals have donated 16 bicycles
– We have raised £1,600 towards servicing bicycles

The bicycles available are now queued in our workshop, which are in need of repair and servicing.

There are four ways you are able support us:
– Bicycle donation
– Pledge
– Sponsor a bicycle
– Tell a friend

For more information email: hello@worriestowheelies.co.uk.

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