Rad Power Bikes launches new European e-bike models

Rad Power Bikes has announced the release of their new models into the European market.

The RadWagon and RadRhino will be available for purchase later this year, with free shipping to 28 European countries.

Arno Saladin, Rad Power Bikes’ European business director, said: “We are excited to bring our next round of models to the European market, especially as fall and winter approach.

“The e-bikes can handle changing weather conditions for riders who are getting across town, safely taking the kids to school, or going on weekend adventures.

“Riders also have added confidence knowing that the e-bikes conform to the highest European standards because they are the first to receive European type approval under the L1e-A category.”

The RadWagon and RadRhino feature five-levels of pedal assistance and an on-demand throttle to give riders power at their feet or fingertips.

The 750W Bafang geared hub motor provides three times more power than the typical 250W e-bikes that are found in Europe.

Combined with the 48V 14Ah Lithium-Ion battery pack with Samsung cells, the e-bikes can reach a maximum speed of 25 km per hour with a range of up to 75 km per charge.

Under the L1e-A classification, the e-bikes are treated like a motor vehicle in most countries, and require registration, licensing, and liability insurance, which the experts at Rad Power Bikes coordinate for all customers.

This ensures that the e-bike can always be traced back to the owner in the event that it is lost or stolen.

Mike Radenbaugh, co-founder and CEO of Rad Power Bikes, said: “We are ushering in a new era of e-bikes for the European market that will help more people take advantage of the sustainable form of transportation.

“Not only are the e-bikes more powerful and versatile, but affordable too.

“This is part of our commitment to building industry-leading, performance e-bikes without the expensive price tag.”

The RadWagon is the first high-powered longtail cargo e-bike to be available in the European market.

Built with a reliable battery and strong aluminium frame, the RadWagon can accommodate a payload of up to 158 kg.

Riders can outfit the RadWagon to fit their lifestyle with a native line of racks, passenger seating accessories, baskets, and bags.

The new RadRhino is an all-purpose e-bike with 4 inch all-terrain fat tyres.

A flagship model for Rad Power Bikes, this RadRhino is the second iteration in the European market.

The upgraded model features a redesigned frame, which now has a partially integrated downtube for a lower center of gravity and more streamlined fit with the battery.

The new RadRhino also has a longer range with an improved battery, more comfort with high-rise handlebars and a longer stem, extra cargo capacity with front and rear rack mounts.

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