Rad Power Bikes lands US partnership with Domino’s

Rad Power Bikes has landed a US partnership with Domino’s Pizza.

The company will deploy fleets of custom e-bikes to Domino’s stores across the country later this year. The partnership was won by Rad Power Bikes’ Commercial Division, which brings sustainable transportation and last-mile delivery solutions to businesses around the world.

With delivery by car more challenging than ever due to congestion and parking limitations, Domino’s launched a pilot programme to test the efficiency of e-bike deliveries earlier this year. Locations that used e-bikes from Rad Power Bikes achieved better delivery times and service scores, and those that were already using traditional bikes saw an increase in team member satisfaction after switching to e-bikes. As a result of the successful pilot programme, Rad Power Bikes is now Domino’s exclusive e-bike provider for franchise owners and corporate stores in the United States.

“We built a tailored delivery solution for Domino’s that is setting an exciting example for how e-bikes can be used to benefit business efficiency and employee satisfaction,” said Brian Rinckenberger, commercial sales director for Rad Power Bikes.

“We’re proud that the partnership with Domino’s, which began with one franchise owner in Seattle several years ago, is now expanding nationwide.”

The e-bikes are designed based on the brand’s RadCity Step-Thru electric commuter bike. Each custom e-bike includes insulated soft-sided cargo areas that can hold up to 12 large pizzas in Domino’s Heatwave bags, along with drinks, sides and dipping cups. The bikes also have puncture-resistant tyres, integrated headlight, taillight, and brake light, reflective materials for driver safety, and a top speed of 20 mph.

“E-bikes make a huge difference in my stores,” said Greg Keller, Seattle Domino’s franchisee. “While delivery on a traditional bike solved many of our traffic and parking issues, the hills in Seattle were tough on even our best cyclists. E-bikes were a game-changer for us. We have been able to save money, provide better service, increase hiring and maintain a happy workforce.”

Rad Power Bikes’ Commercial Division oversees fleets for commercial customers around the world, including logistics and delivery companies, Government organisations, corporate campuses, law enforcement and more.

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