Rad Power Bikes adds RadRunner to line-up

Rad Power Bikes has introduced its lowest-priced model yet – the RadRunner electric utility bike.

It’s packed with features that make it part two-seater moped and part electric cargo bike for $1,299.

“Sitting in the car is frustrating, bad for your health and bad for the environment. We know that people want an easier, faster, and greener way to get around, but cost and practicality are their biggest roadblocks,” said Mike Radenbaugh, founder and CEO of Rad Power Bikes. “We built the RadRunner to be effective and fun at a price point that will introduce more people to e-bikes, likely for the first time.”

The utility e-bike has multiple riding modes with a load capacity of 300 pounds, including 120 pounds on the extended rear deck. The deck can carry cargo accessories, or convert into scooter-style seating with a patent-pending driver seat and Passenger Package, which includes a rear seat, folding footpegs, and protective wheel skirt.

“The rear seat is elevated to give the passenger visibility around the driver, bringing them into the action like never before,” added Radenbaugh. “The driver can position the seat low to seamlessly integrate with the rear seat or raise it up for full leg extension when riding solo.”

Exclusive 20-inch by 3.3-inch wide multi-terrain tyres provide urban comfort and off-road stability. The semi-fat tyres are custom-made by Kenda. “We needed a completely new tyre to support the different functions of the RadRunner,” continued Radenbaugh. “The tyres have an extra ply of material and higher load rating than a standard bike tire, plus a built-in tire liner and reflective sidewall striping.”

A single-speed drivetrain is the ‘centrepiece’ of the RadRunner’s simplicity. “There are fewer moving pieces on this single-speed drivetrain, which creates a carefree riding experience with minimal maintenance,” said Radenbaugh.

“Riders can quickly get up to speed with the geared hub motor, twist-grip, on-demand power, and four levels of pedal-assistance.”

Further streamlined elements include upright handlebars, dual-leg kickstand, rigid fork, and LED control readout.

The utility e-bike is compatible with the brand’s collection of universal accessories, as well as a new Center Console accessory that adds storage space, phone and cup holders in a central location.

Its eighth model, the RadRunner retains a number of tried and tested features from Rad Power Bikes’ lineup, including a powerful geared hub motor (750W in U.S., 500W in Canada, and 250W in Europe), long-range 48V 14 Ah Lithium-Ion battery for 25-45 miles of range per charge, and integrated headlight, taillight, and brake light.

“We don’t just build e-bikes, we build problem-solvers. Our approach to product development is to find ways to add value in new places while tweaking existing features based on years of experience and direct rider feedback,” said Radenbaugh. “The RadRunner is the culmination of everything we’ve done and stand for, and is a stepping stone to even more radical designs in the future.”

The RadRunner will be available for purchase in the U.S. for $1,299 USD on 10th September, and in Canada and Europe for $1,799 CAD and €1.199 EUR in late September. Its Passenger Package and Center Console accessories are sold separately for $99 USD each. For more details visit www.radpowerbikes.com.

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