Silverfish MD Darren Mabbott, chuffed at his company now being the top international Race Face distributor, is cocker hoop over the chance to get his teeth into Roach Clothing

Race Face buys Roach Clothing; Silverfish (natch) becomes UK distributor

Canadian components (and clothing) manufacturer Race Face Components Inc – consistently rated in the Canadian mainstream press as one of North America’s best companies to work for – has purchased Roach Clothing, also of Canada.

Race Face will take over the manufacturing and distribution of Roach’s complete line of clothing, armour, and bike pads. The moving force behind Roach, Ingrid Doerr, will work with Race Face as the head designer in charge of the Roach brand.

“I get complete creative control over the brand, and Race Face takes care of the production and distribution of all Roach products,” said Doerr.

”Dealers should be excited because Roach will now be supported by a well established company ensuring our products get delivered on-time. Also, this arrangement allows me to focus 10 percent on my true passion, which is marketing and product design.”

Craig Pollack, president of Race Face, said: “Roach is a leader in the mountain bike industry when it comes to cool apparel design.

“It’s a common sight to see riders wearing Roach apparel while pedalling their Race Face equipped bikes, so the demographic is a perfect fit.

“Roach, in conjunction with our existing Race Face branded apparel, is a perfect combination for retailers looking to sell bike clothing in a significant way.”

Roach Clothing began in 1990, manufacturing stem pads and top tube pads for Vancouver couriers.

Roach will be imported into the UK by the Race Face distributor, Silverfish.

”We would envisage receiving stock in late September but would suggest that

all current Roach dealers contact us as soon as possible if they are looking for clothing or body armour in the meantime,” said Silverfish MD Darren Mabbott.

Silverfish will set up a dealer network for the Roach brand. The line will be available to current Race Face stockists and any non-stockists on a first-come, first-served exclusive territory basis.

“Roach has been available in the UK before but, from what I can fathom, not

in much quantity. We will change that significantly. With the financial backing of Race Face and the expert marketing and distribution by Silverfish UK you should expect to see Roach have a very large impact over the next few months.

“Roach is a big player in the North American market and with the fantastic quality that they offer we would envisage the brand achieving the same status in the UK. Their jackets will be of particular interest to UK bike shops and the body armour is already well established as some of the best stuff on the market.”

Roach fits well into the Silverfish portfolio: both companies are named after bugs.

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