Quicktwist handlebar stem looking to appoint worldwide distributor and licensing

The Quicktwist stem, designed by Andy Bullock, founder of the Urbancyclo brand, is currently looking to partner with a cycle accessory and parts company for an exclusive worldwide distribution deal.

The design allows the handlebars of a bike to be rotated up to 90 degrees in either direction, reducing the width of the bike by up to 70%.

“Let’s face it,” said Bullock, “handlebars are the major obstacle to being able to neatly store or park a bike up against a wall, they simply make a cycle far too awkward when not in use.”

The patent-pending design is a straight swap-out for a standard modern bike stem and can be fitted to older machines with an adaptor stem. Quicktwist has been engineered by a former Williams and Benetton F1 design engineer in lightweight anodised alloy and will carry all the usual safety marks of BS/EN/ISO testing.

“Resistance to design innovation in manufacturing is legendary and the cycle design business is no exception,” added Bullock, “but we are hoping the totally unique nature of the product, with no commercial competition, and the offer of worldwide exclusivity to distribute and market will appeal to a more progressive bike accessory brand.”

“We welcome contact from any interested companies. This is a unique opportunity for the right brand to actually create and own a new product sector, which is a very rare occurrence indeed in today’s sophisticated markets.”

Bullock can be reached on andy@urbancyclo.com or via the brand’s website.

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