Jason Quealley, Britains first gold medallist at the Sydney Olypmics, has hailed a £1 billion Government drive to increase access to sport for youngsters across the country but wants cycling to get a share of spoils

Quealley calls for cycling cash

In yesterdays Labour Party conference speech by Tony Blair, the PM revealed there would be more help for sport in the future.

£750 million of National Lottery money, channeled via the New Opportunities Fund, would go to increase the number of pitches and sports centres. £60 million of Government cash would employ 1000 more school sports coordinators, and a further £24 million would increase the number of sports colleges from a planned 110 to 150.

"Any increase in the opportunity for young people to have positive sporting experiences at school is great news, said Quealley.

"All successful sporting nations have the roots of their success in school sport. I hope there will also be an increase in the choice of sports – cycling, for example, is the most popular form of sport outside school-based sports."

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