The Quarq Ricken AL will now be available to UK IBD's exclusively through Fisher Outdoor

Quarq Riken AL now available to IBDs through Fisher

The Quarq Ricken Al will now be available to UK IBD’s exclusively through Fisher Outdoor.

The new Quarq Riken AL offers a powermeter capable of measuring 360 degrees of the pedal stroke at a £639 retail price point. The Riken AL uses the same 10K temperature compensation technology, AxCad accelerometer and Power Balance featured on the Quarq Red and Elsa. With an aluminium crank arm, the Riken AL will run 10 and 11 speed chain rings.

Tim Bayley, Fisher Road Brand Manager said: “We are really excited to have the Riken AL in the range. We see the power meter market growing with some brands developing one sided measurement. The fact that we have a scientifically proven quality power meter at almost half the price of some of the main competitors is great for the consumer. Plus it’s a favourite with the media too, with Cycling Plus magazine recently giving the Riken AL the Best Choice award.”

Fisher Outdoor Leisure is taking orders for May and June delivery.

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