Viewers can click to see how a night ride compares with or without the brand's latest jacket

Proviz launches interactive cycling video ‘Out of the Dark’

Proviz has produced a clever interactive video to show off the reflective qualities of its REFLECT360 jacket.

The video follows a cyclist returning home from work in the dark. By clicking on screen the viewer gets to see how the rider looks while using one of Proviz’s REFLECT360 jackets – and when not wearing one.

The interactive video is not shy of using fear to sell the jacket, watch the video and don’t select the version where the rider has a REFLECT360 jacket on and see what happens.

The video is best viewed on a desktop at

"Most cyclists understand the importance of being seen when cycling at night, but many cyclists are riding with little or no reflective material," said Proviz co-founder Anthony Langly-Smith. "The video highlights the Proviz REFLECT360 cycling jacket, which is made exclusively from reflective material and has been in high demand this winter. We hope viewers will play around with the video and share it with friends and family so that as many cyclists as possible are aware of the safety benefits of being seen at night."

For every REFLECT360 jacket purchased through the video, Proviz will donate £5 to the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents.

Michael Corley, RoSPA’s head of campaigns and fundraising, said: “Cycling at night can be a risky business – so it’s really important that cyclists do all they can to be seen by other road users.

"Proviz’s REFLECT360 jacket is a great way to increase visibility in the dark – while also raising awareness of our charity’s vital work, because £5 from the sale of each jacket will go towards our mission to save lives and reduce injuries.”

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