In-house brand is one of a few UK names offering a full package of both completes and parts.

PROFILE: Blank BMX is now two decades old

Blank BMX, in-house brand for Split Second Imports, is now two decades old. During the course of those 20-years it has established itself as one of the few UK-based brands which offers a full package of both completes and parts.

This month sees Blank’s 2016 range coming into stock which has, sales manager Dan Haynes says, a wide appeal: “The bikes cater for the beginner end of the industry right up to full pro-level spec and every point in-between, whereas the parts and accessories offer good quality, reliable, replacement and upgrade accessories for every part of the bike, in every conceivable size and colour and all at pocket-friendly prices.”

Not only that, but Blank’s broader-than-most sizing range sees it offer four different sizes below 20-inches: 12, 16, 18 and even 14-inch, making it a potential go-to brand for youngsters taking their first steps into the world of BMXing.

Pricing is keen too, Haynes assures BikeBiz: “Being one of the in-house brands for the distributor Split Second Imports means there isn’t an additional mouth to feed in the food-chain and this is reflected in the great prices.”

So what about the 2016 range itself? The line-up lands in July featuring some fine touches and details including oil-slick parts, marble-effect grips, two-tone paint-jobs and various denim seats.

The parts line-up offers a big selection of replacement parts for UK dealers, including everything from bottom brackets, headsets, cables, gyro sets, grips, stems, bars, sprockets, tyres, wheels, pegs, cranks and more. And all at fantastic prices, Haynes is keen to stress: “For example, where other brands have done sprockets in the “oil-slick” finish in excess of £60, Blank can offer one at £39.99.” And the bikes? “The complete bikes are designed with the rider in mind, so the geometry and styling is as contemporary as it gets, rather than having a generic “off-the-shelf” feel.

“There are some great BMX brands out there in terms of popular completes, and there are parts brands which offer good-value items without having a range of bikes to back it up; Blank is a one-stop solution for the market.

“Split Second Imports carry good stock levels for all Blank parts and add new lines at least two or three times per year to keep things fresh. If dealers have a gap in their line-up for a credible BMX parts brand at the moment, Blank is the solution.”

Dealers can contact sales manager Dan Haynes on 01934 743888 or can view in-stock items on the B2B site:

This article first appeared in July’s BikeBiz, which you can find (along with dozens of back issues) online.

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