PRESSCAMP: Guru makes ti, steel, carbon and alu bikes in Canada. Brit bike shop says sorry for offering customers anything else.

PressCamp exhibitor using ‘sorry’ letter as sales pitch

Guru Bikes of Canada is at PressCamp in Utah to get in front of media types.

And it’s using an apology as a promotional pitch to journalists. The apology is from Stuart Jeffries of Pearson Cycles, the second oldest bike shop in the UK Pearson Cycles sells high-end bikes, including own-brand frames, but Jeffries wrote an open letter to customers apologising for selling certain other high-end bicycles to customers when it should have sold Guru Photons to them instead.

On 6th June, Jeffries wrote:"I want to apologise to everyone I have ever sold a bike to…I am truly, deeply sorry; I sold each and every one of you the wrong bike."

Jeffries continued: "I used to think that if you bought a Cervelo you could do no wrong, I’ve had three, and there was no higher art than the Italian mastery of a Colnago, or the cutting edge ride of a Parlee don’t even get me started on the Time RXR I had, but, and I say this with some humility, I was wrong.

"I rode home on our test Guru Photon, and that’s it! I mean game over! As much as Di2 is a game changer, the Photon is the end game! Without a shadow of a doubt, no questions asked and with no hype, it is the best frame I have EVER ridden, hands down – the best!

"It’s not the weight (it’s light), nor the stiffness, or the ride quality, but as with all great things it is the sum of its parts, and oh so much more."

Jeffries finished with a flourish: "If you’re looking for a new frame, sell whatever you need to, I mean, kidney, child, house, the other half, and buy a Photon."

Guru makes all its bikes – tri, MTB and road – in Canada, including titanium models such as the Praemio R (pictured). It also has its own fit system, the Guru Dynamic Fit Unit (DFU). This is a computerized and robot-assisted fit system, with patents on the drivetrain, motors, actuators and software.

This is Guru’s first appearance at PressCamp. Company officials said they had been pleasantly surprised at the immediacy of the press and blog coverage generated at the Deer Valley staged event.

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