You could have watched these videos live from PressCamp ... and asked questions, too.

PressCamp Day One via Periscope videos

Want to get the inside skinny on hot new bike products as they’re launched at PressCamp in Utah? Want to ask questions live? Watch via the Twitter-owned Periscope, either from your desktop or a smartphone app (questions can only be asked from the app). I’ll be broadcasting live feeds throughout each day of the three day PressCamp. The picture quality isn’t perfect, but it’s frickin’ live! 

Follow me on Twitter, and Periscope, to get notified of when the broadcasts go live. On either Wednesday or Thursday I’ll try to grab a Periscope with Hans "No Way" Rey – he’ll be here celebrating the 20th anniversary of the GT Zaskar.

Earlier today brand managers and tech types from a number of bike brands were game enough to compress their presentions for live viewing. Periscope videos disappear after 24-hours but I’ve archived them on YouTube.

Here are the brands visited on Tuesday: Smith Optics, Fabric, Knog, Wahoo Fitness, Kali Protectives and Camelbak. I’ll load news stories and pix from those brands soon but it’s quick and dirty to make the videos available right now.

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