World Champion Jill Kintner signs up to brand

Power Cordz get an Olympian’s seal of approval

Olympic bronze medallist and three times World Champion Jill Kintner has signed up to partner Power Cordz for the 2009 World Cup season.

Kintner will make use of the firm’s High Performance Synthetic Fiber Cordz systems this season which, according to the firm, is stronger than steel, never rusts or corrodes, and provide accurate shifting and braking. 

“Jill Kintner and riders like her are exactly why we invented the Power Cordz,” said Tony DuPont, Founder of IoDuPont and Inventor of the Power CordzTM. “It simply makes no since why world class riders like Jill, or any rider for that matter, would continue to use steel cables when there is a vastly superior product on the market that address all the known issues with old fashioned steel cables.”

Jill Kintner said of the deal: “The concept of replacing a cable with a no-stretch guaranteed cord was something I thought could improve my performance. I have been riding and racing with the Power Cordz for a couple of months now, and find them to have the actuate shifting I was looking for while also reducing weight. The initial set-up was a little different to standard cables, but once everything was dialed in Power Cordz work like a charm."

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