First shipment due in September

Powacycle launches the Infineum

Powacycle has launched the Infineum, one of the first off-road specific electric bikes.

Press and Powacycle dealer’s were invited to test the three-power-mode bike at London’s IOC yesterday. The bike features a patented stackable Lithium Polymer battery system, which enables the user to increase the battery’s lifespan per charge. What’s more the battery is disguised as a flat carrier rack, thus can hold pannier carriers and baskets. Each battery weighs just 1.82kg, with the complete bike tipping the scales at a respectable 20.1 kg.

The bike can be ridden as normal, in power assisted mode (which returns as much power as the user puts in) or in the twist grip throttle mode can propel the bicycle to the legal limit of 15 mph.

The spec sheet includes Shimano Alvio trigger gear shifters, V-brakes and levers, cranks and 24-gear drivetrain. Rock Shox forks and a Cane Creek headset also feature in the build.

Each battery is said to have a 1,000 charge cycle and is 80 per cent recharged within a two hour charge. (100 per cent in five hours). There is no memory effect, so even partial recharges the battery retains its power. Powacycle were the first UK company to test and market Lithium Polymer batteries on electric bicycles. 25-33 miles can be achieved on one charge.

The bike will retail for £995 plus VAT.

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