£150 off voucher redeemable against a 24-speed commuter model

PowaByke voucher promotion

During April, PowaByke will be offering £150 off their 24-speed commuter model. The promotion, designed to encourage people to rekindle their love of cycling,
Works via a downloadable voucher, located at www.powabyke.com.

Nick Child, Director of PowaByke, says his company takes pride in working closely with
their network of dealers towards common goals, and the latest customer
discount is just one way of doing that.

“As a leading supplier of electric bikes and scooters it is great to have
strong relationships with pro-active dealers,” he explained. “We try to
encourage this through offering seasonal deals on our range. We often
receive positive feedback about the benefits, and more importantly it helps
our dealers to boost profitable sales.”

PowaByke are offering the discount on this model following last month’s
budget, which saw a rise in Vehicle Excise Duty for vehicles in bands C to
G, and the announcement of the go-ahead for cycle super highways in London.

Child added: “As a supplier of electric cycles we have to be in tune with what
the consumer wants, and react to the current climate. We always endeavour to
offer the savings that customers want, and that will give obvious benefits
for the dealer.”

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