New upgraded versions launch; Powabyke invites IBDs to consider the lucrative sector

Powabyke taps into the mobility market with Powatryke

Powabyke is targeting the multi-million pound mobility vehicle market with a brand new line of electric battery powered tricycles.

Pitched as the ideal introduction for IBDs after a share of the lucrative sector, the Powatryke is the latest version of Powabyke’s three-wheeled electric-boosted trikes. Powabyke said the trikes have been a popular choice with disabled and elderly riders looking for a more attractive alternative to mobility scooters, but still need multi-wheeled stability.

The upgraded model has been designed to be more convenient to mount and dismount than previous incarnations. Now also reaching 15mph, the Bath-based manufacturer say that the latest model makes it ‘quick and easy’ to reach the shops.

Powabyke MD Nick Child commented on the latest development: “The Powatryke has always been a popular product for us. The three wheelers are sold to what I call ‘pre-mobility’ users who no longer ride a two-wheeler and don’t want or need an expensive and cumbersome mobility vehicle. We also see the product going onto commercial markets as diverse as newspaper deliveries to engineer run-a-round’s in the Saudi oil fields.

“The Powatryke has proved its worth as a useful source of revenue for our dealers who can easily develop a niche ‘add on market’ to their existing business – there is a lot of profitable trading available in the mobility market.”

In production since 2001, the Powatryke now sports a five-speed Shimano gear set with V-brakes fitted as standard on the front and a disc brake on the rear. The Powatryke is fitted with parking brakes, a sprung comfort sear and a spacious rear luggage basket as standard.

To find out more by contacting Powabyke on 01225 44 37 37.

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