Elmonet BV is the latest international distributor to take on the British brand

Powabyke speeds into the Netherlands

British e-bike firm has followed up its recent US distribution deal with an agreement with a Dutch firm to bring it’s bikes to the Netherlands.

Elmonet BV will bring Powabykes into the region to complement their range of electric vehicles – including cars, vans and scooters.

The initial order from Elmonet is for 3,000 bikes in 2011/2012, Powabyke revealed.

“Elmonet have put a lot of thought into their approach and strategy for selling Powabykes and for manitaining the reputation of the brand which we have established over a long period of time," explained Powabyke MD Nick Child. "The Netherlands is the perfect territory for e-bikes to thrive in. Elmonet is part of the 1 billion euro AutoBinck group and we are both impressed with their operation and flattered that they chose the Powabyke range of e-bikes to distribute.

“When Powabykes begin to appear on the streets in the country they will get noticed and I have every reason to believe that Elmonet will go from success to sucess with every order.”

Richard Knoop, General Manager of Elmonet B.V. added: “If you look at the current Dutch market we are selling 150,000 electric bikes a year in the Netherlands and so the number has increased to a huge degree in the last few years. Whilst the Netherlands is a small country, in cities working locations are close together so that offers the opportunity to use the electric bike for travelling to work, across town and for getting back home. Powabyke has proven itself in the last ten years and the bikes are reliable, look stylish, competitive, and you can change the parts between different models, so in terms of after sales the product is very simple and cost effective.”

Powabyke’s after-sales support through an online trade portal for spare parts will be mirrored closely be Elmonet, making accessories and replacement parts easy to purchase via the internet.

Knoop added: “In terms of a business model we are now developing a new website for Elmonet that will launch at the end of May including the ‘webshop’ that is connected to 10-15 after-sales outlets in the Netherlands. Dealers will also be able to order through that website and of course the dealer will get a discount. We are expecting to handle a sizeable volume of orders through this online ‘webshop’.”

Powabyke said it is continuing to seek further opportunities for overseas distribution.

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