Powabyke Ltd has launched a comprehensive support package for stockists of its electric bikes

Powabyke generates support for servicing

IBDs replacing parts under the Powabyke In-Warranty Parts Replacement Scheme will now receive a contribution towards their labour costs.

"We are doing this at the request of dealers, says Powabyke sales and marketing director Clyde Roberts.

Powabyke is a premium quality product offering excellent profit opportunities for dealers, but we recognise that undertaking repair work to such an innovative product may represent a challenge. This new scheme demonstrates that, where something does go wrong with one of our products, we are there to support the dealer."

The replacement of damaged battery casings is not part of the standard battery refurbishment package offered by Powabyke. The company will be able to provide a new battery casing for an additional £14.99

Details: 01225 443737


Under British law (1981 Transport Act), an electric bicycle avoids being classed as a motorcycle only if it weighs less than 40kg, is fitted with pedals, has an output not exceeding 200 watts and cannot be propelled under power at more than 15 miles per hour.

If an electric bicycle exceeds these limitations in any way it becomes classed as a motorcycle, with DVLC registration, vehicle excise licenses, motor insurance and an appropriate users license all legally required for use on public roads.

Powabyke Ltd. is an associate company of the Longreach Group plc, the UKs largest electrical distributor of digital, satellite and brown goods to independent electrical retailers, and the Sakura Battery Company.

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